When Should You Use A Carpet Runner For Your Steps?

There’s no end to the styles and designs of area rugs-Persian, Oriental, Tibetan, shag, Flokati, contemporary, braided, animal prints, children’s rugs, indoor or outdoor and hall or stair runners. They come in all shapes and sizes including rectangular, square, hexagon, octagon, oval and round. You’re really only limited by your imagination when it comes to adding some flair and functionality to your home with an area rug.

If you’re looking for rugs that will coordinate with fabrics and wall colors already in place, consider custom design. It’s not much more expensive than a good quality off the rack rug, and you’ll be assured of a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art on your floor.

If you prepare your floors in advance for party guests, you will have less cleaning up to do after the party. You can easily do this by buying some inexpensive stair runners carpet to protect your floors and carpet from the foot traffic.

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Rugs also help insulate noise and lower sounds inside the home. It also provides heat insulation which will definitely help keep your home nice and cozy. Having fully covered stair runners carpet provide safety as it reduces risk of sliding or slipping on the stairs. It also reduces any impact on the knees as people ascend and descend. The carpet also lowers any injuries as the floor covering would definitely cover any sharp edges.

Another type of indoor outdoor carpet is astro turf. It is the green stuff you see on golf courses. There are three type is Polypropylene, polyethylene, and nylon. The first polyethylene is a soft material often used for play areas. Polypropylene is least expensive. It is used in golf course. Nylon works well in playgrounds and putting greens.

If the staircase makes a dog-leg (180 degrees) turn, there may be a wide landing to be covered with a separate strip pf carpet laid at right angles to the two flights of stairs. Carry both stair carpets to what will be the far edge of the landing carpet, cut them off and tack them in place without underlay.

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